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Location Boca Grande is the perfect getaway spot to fish tarpon, redfish, snook on fly or live bait, and Captain Mark Becton is just the right guide for the fishing adventure of a lifetime!

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Boca Grande

Located along the Gulf Coast of Florida, Boca Grande is the perfect spot for the adventure of a lifetime! If you are not familiar with our beautiful area and pristine coastline – be sure to check out the Boca Grande Chamber of Commerce and other information below. 

 Location Boca Grande

Source United States Coast Guard – JPG, Public Domain, Link – Article Public Domain Wikipedia 

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Boca Grande, FL was once a sleepy little island fishing village, and a home for wealthy “beachfronters” . . . and in many ways, remains so today. Although Gasparilla Island has done a lot of growing over the years and much has changed, it remains a little piece of paradise that feels like it’s a world away. 

A typical 80-day Florida season in Boca Grande Pass produces an average 5,000 tarpon landed. As a result, it is one of the world’s best tarpon fishing holes and yields more tarpon than any other location in the world.

 The massive attraction to Boca Grande Pass is unknown and subject to many theories. In the spring, it appears that many of the fish’s habits all along the coast are in orientation to Boca Grande Pass.

With depths reaching near 80 feet, it is the deepest natural pass in Florida. It is the only major outlet of Charlotte Harbor that is fed by two major rivers, the Peace River and the Myakka River. As the bottleneck of the harbor, the currents are strong and serve as an underwater highway for many species of fish and bait.

History – Fishing Location Boca Grande

Harpooning tarpon is documented back to the late 1700s by British settlers. There is some debate among historians on who caught the first tarpon on rod and reel in Florida. The fish gained fame from an 1885 story published in the magazine Forest and Stream. The article detailed an event that took place on March 12, 1885. On that date, a New Yorker named W.H. Wood landed a 93-pound tarpon at the mouth of the Caloosahatchee River. While it may have not been the first tarpon caught on rod and reel, the fish’s capture generated much publicity. It is at least credited as exposing tarpon fishing to the world. Soon after, tarpon were given a game fish status to protect them from harpoons and nets that were common methods of taking tarpon.

In the late 1890s, a then modern railway system was completed that gave the area access to the outside world. Soon sportsmen from the north as well as from Britain flocked to the area in quest for giant tarpon. Southwest Florida and the Florida Keys soon became the new headquarters of the sport fishing world. Fishing tourism grew even bigger when in 1908, Barron Collier built a “Tarpon Inn” on Gasparilla Island and made the island’s town of Boca Grande world-famous as the “Tarpon Fishing Capital of the World”.

Learn more about the Historical location Boca Grande from the Boca Grande Historical Society here. 


  • The Gasparilla Inn
    The Gasparilla Inn
    Historic Gasparilla Inn and beach club
  • Florida Wildlife
    Florida Wildlife
    Florida's wildlife is diverse with a variety of flora and fauna to enjoy around every corner!
  • Rich Island History
    Rich Island History
    Visit the Historical Society or the Mariner Museum to learn more about the rich area history.
  • Boca Grande family style!
    Boca Grande family style!
    Boca is a great place to bring the whole family. Take them fishing, or collect seashells on the beach. Discover new sea creatures, tropical birds, iguanas and more.
  • Boca Grande is Tarpon Capital of the World
    Boca Grande is Tarpon Capital of the World
    Fly fish for tarpon, enjoy light tackle for snook, reds, and more! click to contact me tonight about a charter.
  • The Train Depot in Boca Grande, FL
    The Train Depot in Boca Grande, FL
    located at the historic train depot in downtown Boca Grande. We serve fresh local fish and produce in a comfortable, family atmosphere. A large patio area for outside dining lets you watch the world go by. Interior air conditioned dining room.
  • Gasparilla Island Historic Lighthouse State Park
    Gasparilla Island Historic Lighthouse State Park
    The Port Boca Grande lighthouse is open to the public 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Monday - Saturday, and on Sundays noon - 4:00 p.m. from November through May. From June through October it is open Wednesday through Saturday 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. and Sundays noon - 4:00 p.m. Separated from the mainland by Charlotte Harbor and Pine Island Sound, this island is part of a chain of Gulf Coast barrier islands. The centerpiece of Gasparilla is the restored Port Boca Grande Lighthouse built in 1890. Swimming, snorkeling, fishing, and nature study are popular activities which can be accessed at any of our five parking lots. Shelling is particularly good in the winter months along the Gulf.
  • Boca Grande Club
    Boca Grande Club
    Rental properties and beautiful beaches! http://www.bocagrandeclubrentals.com/properties.html
  • Manatee
    Manatee are commonly seen along the southwest coast of Florida. They come to the surface to breathe.
  • Beautiful Boca Grande Beaches
    Beautiful Boca Grande Beaches
  • Boca Grande Range Lighthouse
    Boca Grande Range Lighthouse


 Location Boca Grande

Anglers from all around the world make their way to fish for tarpon in the pass, and along the beaches of Boca Grande every year. The area is home to many other species and popular for its beautiful beaches. The quaint atmosphere, warm, clear waters of the Gulf, and excellent fishing make it a favorite destination for anglers and families alike.

Plan Your Angling Adventure

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If you’re looking for an exciting day trip adventure or wish to spend a week or two on the water fishing Boca Grande, Charlotte Harbor, or the back bay areas – look no further! We’ll direct you to resources you can trust. 

Book the angling experience of a lifetime – fishing the Gulf coast of Florida. Make your reservations today for a Boca Grande fishing charters adventure! Call or text and leave an EVENING phone number where you can be reached. Call or Text (941) 628-6894 email: captainmarkbecton@gmail.com

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